About Us



SSC is a small marine aquaculture company based out of Miami,fl. Here at SSC our goal is to provide saltwater aquarium hobbyists with the most beautiful Live corals from around the world, at the most affordable prices on the market and offer you the best live coral shopping experience possible. We are competitivley priced like no other site on the web. Yes, we are in the business but we are and shall always remain hobbyist at heart, and we all know how expensive this hobby can be especially with the tough times now a days . 

We love what we do for a living so we continue to educate and train ourselves every day in order to maintain such healthy and colorful livestock. We specialize in almost any type of corals from great beginner corals to rare high end frags for all you collectors out there! We also carry some fish, and inverts as well. We will also have some drygoods available soon!

To ensure the best shopping experience and provide customer assurance, every item on the site being 100% WYSIWYG (Except Frags-on-Demand page). That's right, you get the exact coral in the picture! No bait-n-switch. not satisfied with the original product picture posted? Just simply contact us and ask us to take a different picture for you. and we will do what we can to serve you better.

“CHOP SHOP” HUH? You won’t see any of that here!!!! Every piece of live stock you see on our site has had a minimum of 2 weeks time to heal and recover after its been propagated. Unlike other shops that sell fresh cut frags that are more prone to catching diseases or dying from stress in shipping.We specialize in almost any type of corals, we also carry some fish, and inverts as well. Here at SSC we aquaculture most of our stock in-house, we have various systems adding up to almost 2,500 gallons for livestock growout and propagation. We also receive shipments of wild and maricultured corals Bi-weekly or monthly. Every specimen that comes into our facility is hand picked, inspected, and quarantined . We run very strict procedures and husbandry to make sure we can provide you with the most healthy, disease and pest-free corals available.

We offer shipping throughout the continental United States, as well as local appointments for pick-up. Please feel to give us a call, text, or email at any time at info@southsidecorals.com, with any question it is you may have.

Keep an eye out for us at Frag swaps through out the state of Florida as well as other events like  Coralcon 2013Macna2013,